The Erie Canal:
Exploring New York’s Great Canals

by Deborah Williams
Countryman Press

The first comprehensive travel guide to 
New York’s canals and communities from Buffalo to Albany and alAbout Meong the Cayuga-Seneca, Oswego and Champlain CanalsAbout_Me.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

    A vision of New York Governor DeWitt Clinton, the Erie Canal is North America’s most successful and influential man-made waterway. The story of the canal is a tale of achieving the impossible with an array of improbables.

    The 19th century wonder has recently been rediscovered and re-energized. Today’s canal—the third version—has been declared a National Heritage Corridor.

    When the original canal was completed, it was heralded for its speed in transporting goods and people. Today its charm lies in its ability to take boaters, bikers, walkers and canal watchers back in time to a slower, more reflective era.

    Each chapter details the area’s history, lodging, restaurants, culture, recreations, and shopping, with an emphasis on key historic sites, museums, attractions and parks.

    As in all Great Destinations guides, this book has more than 100 photographs and many detailed maps to help you plan a memorable trip.

The Erie Canal book is filled with canal lore and stories including:

  1. Palmyra’s association with Winston Churchill, Great Britain’s celebrated World War II Prime Minister.

  2. Oswego’s role in welcoming nearly 1,000 Holocaust survivors as World War II was still raging in Europe.

  3. Ilion’s fame as the home of the 1816 Remington Co., makers of guns and typewriters. It is the most successful canal business still in its original location.

  4. Albany’s elegant 1931 Palace Performing Arts Center that hosted the legendary Rolling Stones on their first American tour in 1965.

  5. Saratoga Springs place in food history as the birthplace of America’s favorite snack food—the potato chip.

  6. Buffalo’s recent excavation and restoration of the Commercial Slip, part of the original 1825 Erie Canal.

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